The Laboratory of Neuropsychiatry was founded in 1898 and has since 1934 been situated at the Department of Psychiatry at Rigshospitalet. The laboratory is headed by a steering group consisting of Anders Fink-Jensen, Gitta Wörtwein, and Pia Weikop.

Main Research Areas for the Lab:

Laboratory of Neuropsychiatry is investigating the biological mechanism underlying psychiatric disorders and circadian rhythms. Research in the laboratory is focusing on drug and alcohol abuse, psychosis (with special emphasis on the interaction between the muscarinic and the dopaminergic transmitter system), affective disorders (including seasonal affective disorder), the visual system, stress, electroconvulsive therapy, and circadian rhythms (with special emphasis on CNS clock genes, the circadian expression of these genes, and the regulation and generation of these rhythms.


The Laboratory of Neuropsychiatry is part of: